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Chronicles of Harry

Happenings and thoughts - simple as that

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I potato what I potato and that's all that I potato.

While you may find something interesting to read here, I don't put a lot of effort into it - in particular I don't put a lot of effort into making it understandable to outsiders. Even if you started at the beginning and read everything, I'm not sure you'd get a good idea of the chara- er, people around me. If you want to read a good LJ, I will direct you to forcemajeure, lord_belmont, and squid314. If you want to read mine, well, here you are.

I should probably also point you to Josh Zelinsky's blog, Religion, Sets, and Politics.

Real names aren't required, but please give us something to call you. Conversations among several people called "Anonymous" get too confusing.

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